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MCNT Import was founded in 2005. It supplies innovative medical product.

The Company's product line is broad, allowing physicians to choose the necessary technology for each, specific patient, based on their individual needs.

The Company slogan: "Quality. Choice. Success." It has been with MCNT Import from the day of its founding and is approved by its Russian clients, physicians and patients, who have been helped by the products supplied by MCNT Import.

MCNT Import represents the following business lines
Sports med
Women's Health

The MCNT Import sales and marketing team operates throughout Russia. The central office is located in Moscow. Regional representative offices have been opened in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.

MCNT Import has unique expertise in medical equipment business development in Russia. The Company's strategic vision defines all of its activity from product selection in the pipeline to forming a long-term marketing strategy. MCNT Import knows its Russian clients and the medical community well. The MCNT Import management team adheres to Western standards of conducting business.

MCNT Import is audited by its American partners on a regular basis. We conduct our business with transparency and responsibility, complying with the expectations of Russian oversight agencies and the requirements of our foreign partners.

MCNT Import is open to cooperation with new partners who share a transparent approach to business, want to bring the best innovations to the Russian market for physicians and patients and are ready to accomplish this in Russia together with our company.

Leonid Yudin
Founder MCNT Import, CEO, MD
Lazlo Sugar
Ivan Leonov
Medical & Marketing Director, MD
Yelena Yavorskaya
HR Director